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AMSAAC Australia's Reunion Events

March 5, 2017

In conjunction with the EAMSC in Australia, AMSAAC Australia had successfully organized their own reunion event! Here's our event organizer Michael Keem on the event:

Australia recently hosted its second-ever EAMSC and to celebrate, several small satellite dinners were held by AMSAAC Australia in Melbourne. Conflicting schedules and on-call commitments did not deter us from arranging a number of opportunities for smaller groups of alumni to reunite over dinner, specifically with the cuisine of the host chapter of the conference at which they first met.

AMSAAC carries a unifying message of solidarity in striving ever forward with all that we shared in AMSA – knowledge, action, friendship – as a springboard to a shared future. We are proud of our alumni and prouder still to be part of such a wonderful international network. At each dinner, alumni reflected on all that had brought them together, and what these shared experiences continued to ignite within them. We hope that our aspirations and mateship coalesce into a dynamic, brighter future together in public health, academia, clinical work and volunteering.

While work commitments and tight schedules precluded attendance of AMSAAC members internationally at AMSAAC Australia’s planned reunion event, our door is always open and all AMSAAC members are most welcome to visit us in the Land Down Under. We hope to host and share our itinerary with you at a reunion event someday soon!

Congratulations on the events Michael, and we certainly are looking forward for more reunion events like these! (Photos courtesy of Michael Keem)


From left to right: AMSAAC Australia members Dr. Nikki Velasco, Dr Luke Bayley, Dr Michael Keem and Dr Aditya Tedjaseputra share a Korean meal at one of our satellite dinners.


Current AMSA International - Australia Executive Committee members Charis Kho (right) and RC Andrew Wang (holding the camera!) debriefing over yum cha with alumni (Dr Michael Keem pictured left).


AMSA friends reunite! From left to right: Dr Joey Lam, Finland Tan (EC), Dr Felanita Lui and Dr Leonora Chiam.


AMSA past and present. From left to right: Charis Kho (AMSA International - Australia EC), Finland Tan (AMSA EC), Andrew Wang (RC Australia), and Dr Joey Lam (AMSA International - Australia EC alumnus).


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